Thursday, July 17, 2008

UK medical site banned from selling drugs here

Irish Independent Monday July 14th 2008

UK medical site banned from selling drugs here
A UK medical website has stopped selling prescription products online after an intervention from the Irish Medicines Board (IMB), writes Shane Hickey.

A message appeared on the homepage of saying Irish customers can no longer receive prescription-only medicines.

The site offers the contraceptive pill and 'morning after' pill, as well as a range of tests for sexually transmitted infections. But Irish law states it is an offence to supply prescription-only medication by mail order.

Members of the IMB met with the company last week. Subsequently, stopped selling the products to Irish customers.

"Irish legislation prohibits the mail order of prescription-only products. Consumers are advised not to purchase medicinal products through any unauthorised sources, which includes the internet, as there can be no guarantees on the safety," the IMB said.

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