Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Abortion is A Woman's Right

Abortion is a Woman's Right- Letter to the Irish Independent Monday November 27th

I refer to Eilis Grealy's comments (Letters, November 23). It should be a woman's basic right to have an abortion if and when she chooses to do so, especially if she has been put into the situation without her consent, that is, if she was raped, or her first choice method of contraception has failed, for example, the pill.

Why can't all these pro lifers just keep their nose out of issues that don't concern them?

They won't ever be needing abortions, so why deny them to women who do need them?

I don't smoke. It does n't mean I have the power to deny my friends and family their nicotine fix (even though their smoke harms me).

Maybe Eilis should take off her rose tinted glasses and realise that no pro life organisation or priest can put food on the table, clothes on a child and money in a mother's purse in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.

Fiona Wyse,
Brindley Park,
Co Meath.

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