Thursday, July 17, 2008

Women Go Online To Buy 'Abortion Pill'

Irish Independent Monday July 14th 2008

Women go online to buy 'abortion pill'
Women are going online to buy medication to allow them have an abortion at home.

Women from the Republic and Northern Ireland -- which also has no abortion clinics -- were among 70 nationalities in a survey of 200 women using a website supplying abortion pills called 'Women on Web'.

A British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology review of 400 customers found nearly 11pc needed a surgical procedures after taking the medication bought online.

The website asks for a minimum of €70 as contribution to keep the site operational.

The research into those who used the site found that some 8pc did not use the medication they ordered.

Almost 11pc needed surgery -- because the drugs did not complete the abortion or because of excessive bleeding.

A spokesperson for the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) said last night: "Through our medical and counselling services we are aware of an increase in women accessing medication over the internet to induce abortions here in Ireland."

"Women should seek a medical consultation if they are concerned about taking (the abortion pill) Misopristol.

"We would encourage women to visit our medical clinics immediately if they have any concerns."

In the survey, almost 200 women who used the website answered questions about their experiences.

Of these, 58pc said they were grateful to have been able to have an abortion, while 31pc felt stressed but found the experience acceptable

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