Wednesday, May 27, 2009

German Parliament Votes To Change Law on Late-Term Abortions

German Parliament Votes to Change Law on Late-Term Abortions

In the Bundestag vote on 14 May, 326 delegates voted in favor of the consultation period which includes a doctor's psychological evaluation. Of the 612 parliamentarians involved in the vote, 234 voted against and 52 abstained. Parliamentarians also voted in favor of increased consultations and support for families with handicapped children considering a termination.

The motion mandates that women receive counseling from a doctor about the medical and psychological consequences of a late-term abortion. The doctor should also inform the patient about living with a physically or mentally disabled child, and point her towards other means of support. A woman considering a late-term abortion would also have a three-day waiting period between the counseling session and the procedure to give her time to think about her options. After being approved by the upper chamber of parliament, the Bundesrat, it should come into effect in January 2010. (DW/AFP)

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