Monday, December 14, 2009

Choice Ireland Express Solidarity With Women At The Centre ABC Case

Wednesday December 9th 2009

Choice Ireland express solidarity with women at the centre ABC case

This week, three Irish women will take a case to the European Court of Human Rights arguing that Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws violate their human rights. The women include one woman who was told that she risked an ectopic pregnancy where the foetus develops outside the womb, another who was undergoing chemotherapy and a third who’s children had been taken into care will be known as A, B and C in order to protect their anonymity.
Commenting in advance of the case, spokeswoman Sinead Ahern said “ It is appalling that these women, having already come through difficult circumstances, have been forced to go through the courts to vindicate their rights. This case is yet another in a long line that highlight the flaws in Irish abortion law and the devastating effects it imposes on Irish women. Choice Ireland commends these women for their bravery and calls upon the government to face up the real and often cruel consequences of Ireland’s ban on abortion.

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