Thursday, February 04, 2010

In Their Own Words Women Who Travelled Abroad for Abortions

In their own words women who travelled abroad for abortions
Irish Times Friday January 29th 2010

“I was forced to leave home and do everything in secrecy . . . I was made to feel that I was doing something wrong.” Siobhán G was pregnant with twins when she discovered that both had fatal birth defects.

“When I came back, I rang the hospital and asked for follow-up care . . . I told them that I had a therapeutic abortion and asked about genetic testing. They just said to me, come back when you’re pregnant again.” Aisling J encountered problems in accessing diagnostic tests during her pregnancy and discovered late that her foetus had spina bifida. She had no access to follow-up care

“I think they weren’t used to girls coming with their boyfriends, so they separated us. One person spoke to each of us . . . from what I remember, they said we’d probably split up . . . they said your family is going to reject you.” Jane H was misled by an advertisement by a rogue crisis pregnancy agency

Source: Human Rights Watch

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