Monday, May 14, 2007

Abortion Rights UK Welcomes Irish Abortion Ruling

Abortion Rights UK welcomes Irish abortion ruling

Abortion Rights UK welcomes the Irish abortion ruling to allow ‘Miss D’ to travel to Britain for a termination. The circumstances surrounding this tragic case highlight the anachronism and inequity of the Irish law. Ireland has one of the harshest abortion laws in Europe, one affording equal legal status to the pregnant woman and the foetus and allowing abortion only to save the life of the woman.

Only Malta has tighter legislation - criminalising all abortion – followed by Poland where since 1993 women’s abortion rights have been severely curtailed.

Anne Quesney, Director of Abortion Rights said: ‘Forcing a woman to carry an intolerable pregnancy to term is inhumane and unacceptable and no woman should ever have to face such cruel situation. But invoking ‘Miss D’s right to travel circumvents the burning issue at stake here. It is time for Ireland to move into the 21st century and legalise abortion’.

Abortion Rights UK is actively supporting the Safe and Legal in Ireland campaign, which is harnessing growing support for liberalisation.

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