Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pro-Life Campaign Comments on Miss D Case- May 2nd

Responding to the High Court challenge by a minor in care seeking leave to travel for an abortion to the UK , Dr Berry Kiely of the Pro-Life Campaign said:
Every unborn child has a unique worth and dignity and is entitled to protection. This is so even where the child has a physical or mental disability.

The notion that abortion is the compassionate solution in this case is mistaken. There is a growing body of evidence showing the long-term negative effects of abortion on women. The minor at the centre of the case is entitled to be made fully aware of the possible consequences of going through with an abortion.

If society decides to end the lives of children based on their disability, it undermines their right to equal respect. A truly life-affirming society, should give all positive supports to mothers and families of disabled children, not just during pregnancy, but throughout their children's lives.

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