Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Psychologists for Choice Welcome Decision But Express Concern Over Continuing Ordeal Of Miss D.


Psychologists for Choice wish to express its concern at the handling of this case both by the HSE and the judicial system, which has effectively tried to force a young and vulnerable woman to complete a pregnancy that is itself traumatic and potentially dangerous.
The trauma of this pregnancy and its associated risks, especially for such a young person has been addressed by an approach which far from supporting her in such a crisis has compounded the trauma by subjecting this young woman to psychiatric assessment and preventing her freedom of movement.
We welcome first reports that that Mr Justice McKechnie has made a ruling enabling Miss D to travel.Miss D now needs and deserves compassion and understanding provided in a non-judgemental and supportive manner, in other words, proper medical and psychological support.
Unfortunately this support is impossible to provide to any pregnant woman for as long as there is a failure to properly legislate for travel, information and abortion services in specific circumstances as voted for by the people in the last two referenda.
The Leaders of the Political Parties must now clarify how they intend to legislate for this matter in the forthcoming General Election.

Geraldine Moane PhD
Senior Lecturer
School of Psychology
University College Dublin
Belfield Dublin 4

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