Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Doctors for Choice Call For Miss D To Be Allowed Therapeutic Abortion In Ireland

Doctors for Choice today welcome the decision of the High Court to allow Miss D travel.

'We would urge that Miss D be allowed have a therepeutic abortion in Ireland
as soon as is possible. Failing that, the HSE should fund Miss D's termination
on an E112 form without delay' said Dr Juliet Bressan of Doctors for Choice

'We condemn the process whereby Miss D has had to suffer a week long trial in order
to receive the medical attention that she needs' she added.

We call upon the political parties to ensure that adequate legislation is urgently put in place,
to ensure that no woman is ever to forced through this kind of humiliation again.

We further call upon the Minister for Health to direct that the Health Service
Executive now maintains a protocol of management which protects the rights
of women to have terminations for lethal anomaly in Ireland, and without judgement.

Dr Juliet Bressan
Dr Mary Favier

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