Thursday, May 10, 2007

Key Quotes From A Landmark Case.

The Irish Independent.
Key quotes from a landmark case Thursday May 10th 2007

Doctors for Choice: Dr Juliet Bressan said: "We would urge that Miss D be allowed have a therapeutic abortion in Ireland as soon as possible. Failing that, the HSE should fund Miss D's termination on an E112 form without delay.''
''We call upon the political parties to ensure adequate legislation is urgently put in place, to ensure no woman is ever forced through this kind of humiliation again."

Health Service Executive: Accepting the court decision it said it acted in accordance in what they believed to be the correct course of action in terms of the constraints imposed on them by law.
"The HSE always considered a court order was necessary. The decision today will require further consideration in terms of the HSE's duties and responsibilities under childcare legislation."

Irish Family Planning Association: It said the failure of successive governments to legislate for abortion was the singular reason behind the necessity of Miss D having to take her case to the High Court.
It said it was unacceptable that a situation persisted whereby there was no proper legal framework on abortion in Ireland.

Psychologists for Choice: Miss D now needed proper medical and psychological support.
"Unfortunately, this support is impossible to provide to any pregnant woman for as long as there is a failure to properly legislate for travel, information and abortion services in specific circumstances as voted for by the people in the last two referendums." Pro-Life Campaign: "We cannot ignore the fact abortion involves the taking of an innocent life.
"This tragic case also reminds us of the urgent obligation on society to ensure every possible support is put in place so that no woman feels abortion is the only option open to her."

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